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BUILDING A TRANSNATIONAL FEMINIST COMMUNITY TOWARDS A PARTICIPATORY CULTURE AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: This is our aim! To do so, please upload your projects, interviews you have done, resources you find interesting and join the grassroots feminist community! If you have questions, please email me (Elke Zobl) at elke.zobl(at)
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Ladyfest Olympia 2005


Olympia, WA
United States
47° 2' 16.3464" N, 122° 54' 2.502" W

"In the tradition of Ladyfest 2000 and in solidarity with Ladyfests all over the world, Ladyfest Olympia 2005 is a festival organized by local women of all identities to showcase, celebrate and encourage the art and activism of women everywhere. Ladyfest Olympia is a non-profit music and arts festival benefiting local organizations that support women. We are committed to inspiring self-empowerment in the face of oppression and we welcome and encourage all people who support the education, advancement, and celebration of women to attend our festival.

Ladyfest Olympia 2005 Donation Form


Ladyfest Las Vegas 2006


Las Vegas
United States
36° 6' 51.4908" N, 115° 10' 24.4344" W

"Ladyfest Las Vegas is a women-centric arts and music festival put together by an all-inclusive group of volunteers. Our goal is simple; to showcase artistic, creative, and empowered women (past, present, and future) with a two day festival to be held agian in '07 probably in October. The festival will include, but not be limited to, music, visual arts, film, workshops, discussions, and a wide array of other women-centric activities to help promote the education and advancement of women in the Las Vegas Valley.


"Take the Red Pill—Face the World Problems!": An e-mail interview with blogger and activist Alexander Alvina Chamberland

Grassroots media in Europe
LGBT and queer issues
Queer feminism
Riot Grrrl
Teaser Image: 

Jenny Gunnarsson Payne: Can you begin by telling me something about yourself?

Alexander Alvina Chamberland
Jenny Gunnarsson Payne

No Pretence (Blog)


United Kingdom

On Sunday, June 7th a group of anarcha-feminists took the stage at the Anarchist Conference 09 to protest about sexist oppression within the movement. They projected a film and read out a statement, both of which you can find below.

Their actions went on to provoke a huge response – with comments ranging from undiluted misogyny to militant solidarity.

The misogyny provided more examples of the sexism we all battle with when we try and make our voices heard. Such attitudes make the prospect of fighting back more intimidating, but also increasingly urgent.


Wir Frauen (Magazine)


51° 13' 29.7948" N, 6° 46' 32.3472" E

Wir Frauen, a volunteer produced magazine, represents more than 25 years the same questions: Who benefits from the relationships? Who creates the conditions? Who pays the price? How can women resist, here and elsewhere? Where and how can they realize their ideas and concepts of life, their rights to self-determination and participation?


Weiber Zeit (newspaper)


51° 19' 8.1408" N, 9° 29' 45.636" E

Weiber Zeit [Wives Time] is the quarterly newspaper of the project "Political representation of disabled women" by Weibernetz [Womens Network]. Thanks to funding from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the Weiber Zeit can be ordered free of charge to all interested parties.

PDFs of the paper can be downloaded free here, Other formats are also available.


Bang (Magazine)


59° 19' 58.0368" N, 18° 3' 52.1568" E

Bang is a feminist journal of culture and society that was founded in 1991 by some students at Stockholm University. The magazine is politically independent and financed by subscribers and grants from the National Arts Council. It comes out four times a year.

The magazine defends debate, research and business. Bang will also be a place for feminist debate in which new perspectives and voices may emerge.


Trikster: Nordic Queer Journal


55° 40' 34.6584" N, 12° 34' 5.2176" E

Trikster is the first Nordic web magazine with a queer perspective on culture and politics. Trikster mixes genres and forms, and presents a variety of academic, activist, artistic, and political voices with a queer perspective. Trikster covers contributions in different formats, media and languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. Trikster published two issues a year. The last issue (#4) was published in 2010.

Trikster’s blog publishes information on new queer events, publications, demonstrations, and other things.


Qunst-Mag (E-zine)


53° 33' 12.2652" N, 9° 59' 31.9056" E

Qunst.mag is an e-zine created by members of Bildwechsel and the contributing artists. Our aim is to provide a platform for queer feminist artists working in various media.

Free PDFs for dowload are available from the website. Issues include:

1. Travel Issue
2. Plants and Flowers Issue
3. Urban Issue
4. Hair Issue
5. Experiments in Living Issue


"L'Emilie" newspaper


46° 12' 13.716" N, 6° 8' 23.8524" E

L'Emilie is a monthly feminist Swiss publication created in 1912 by Emilie Gourd, to claim the right of women to vote (finally achieved in 1971). The publication was then known as Swiss Women in the '60s, then women in Switzerland in 1999 (based on the observation that the audience was not only Switzerland). On June 14, 2001, Women in Switzerland has changed graphic design, editorial and title, and became Emilie, in tribute to Emilie Gourd, its founder.

Members of the Emilie have in common their commitment and enthusiasm to contribute to the development of an independent feminist press. Emilie brings together women and men from several countries, aged between 20 and 35 years working in various fields and activist circles in daily or professional associations. The editorial board of Emilie is open to external collaborations, continuous or sporadic. Emilie is an activist newspaper which serves as an instrument of combat, to inform and advance feminist claims. The goals and areas of Emilie are defined in its Charter.

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