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FEL: Feministisch en Links

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FEL is a grassroots feminist action and education/discussion group based in the Belgian city Gent. In 2009 FEL grew out of FAB (Feministische ActieBende), a feminist collective that doesn't exist anymore. FEL means Feministisch En Links: feminist and left.

FEL is a group of enthusiastic feminists who work on several themes. We take action (for example Take Back The Night), write editorial letters, give workshops and lectures and we have a reading group.

We've just started with a series of conversations/discussions with second wave feminists like Kitty Roggeman (FemSoc movement, Schoppenvrouw magazine, Vrouwen Overleg Komitee and Baas over eigen hoofd) and Cécile Rapol (women's house and women's safe house in Roeselare, Vrouwen Overleg Komitee).

Other future plans include street actions, a self defence course, a Ladyfest (or FEL fest), a newsletter and zines on feminist subjects. We also work together with other feminist and activist groups and try to build a network.

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Networking & community building
Representation of women
Sexual violence