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The first Ladyfest Torun happend 20.-25.3.2007.

"Over half of the population in Poland are women. However their voice is not listened to. Their needs are neglected, they do not participate in process of making decisions on the most vital aspects of their lives. This is especially evident in the distribution of votes within the Polish parliament: out of 460 deputies to the Seym (the lower chamber) only 94 are women. Out of 100 senators, only 14 are women.

What is Ladyfest about?

Ladyfest is a project aiming at creating a space for presenting women's creativity and avtivity, that is free from prejudices and discrimination. We would like to promote the places in Torun, that are friendly towards the independent women's cultural activity, that are a platform for women to meet together, exchange experiences, strengthen their interest in civil society, and promote various kinds of art made by women. The project aims at preventing exclusion of women from culture, and in a broader sense, from the public life.

Ladyfest history…

Ladyfest is an event, that takes place regularly in various cities across Europe and US. The concept comes from the Riot Grrrl movement, and was designed to launch a space for alternative creativity in arts, and enhancing her-space. It runs on non-profit basis. First Ladyfest took place in the year 2000 in Olimpia (Washington, USA).

What will happen in Torun…

Torun Ladyfest will be the first event on such a large scale, promoting feminist ideals in our region. For the six days, we would like to turn Torun into a city of women – city full of colour, diversity, dynamics... Into a place, where women of all backgrounds and affiliations will be able to present their talents and achievements. We also hope, that thanks to this event, the media will start to perceive feminism as an interesting and truely positive social movement. Therefore an emphasis will be put on art and 'the unconventional' activity that attract public and media attention.

Ladyfest is going to be a cheerful carnival, celebrating women. Full of joy and positive energy. Polyphonic voice of freedom, on the base of feminism, queer culture and DIY. The voice of women – our objection to aggression, domination, homophobia, sexism, fascism, racism and consumptionism will be heard at last.

Ladyfest is going to take place since 20th till 25th March 2007. More details in festival’s Programme." (web site Manifesto)


53° 0' 49.644" N, 18° 35' 54.3984" E
03/20/2007 - 03/25/2007
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