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Network of women's museums


"There exist more than 40 women's museums worldwide which differ quite a lot in the foundation history, organizational set up and possibilities and which are strongly marked by the respective geographic location. Additionally more women’s museums initiatives could be found just before the congress started in the course of the research to the congress. To bring together and to link up these different realities seemed to be even more interesting.

This 1st International Congress of the Women's Museums has brought the women colleagues together to JOINTLY work on the documentation of women's knowledge, women's history, women's art and gender history and to contribute to its lasting tradition

The borders transcending exchange should be begun with these three congressional days and be presented to an interested audience.

The women's museums wanted to be also internationally more visible with this first congress. They are represented on all five continents and fulfil cultural, social and political duties in their countries. Right from the beginning, it was at the same the goal to encourage the foundation of further women’s museums."

Also offers a map with women's museums worldwide!


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