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The Small Science Collective (Zine library)


An online zine library of small science zines (downloadable as pdfs)! These can be used or produced yourself with kids and youth! I think it would be a great workshop to make a science zine with girls, let me know if you do one. Right now they are having the Zine-a-thon Contest 2009, so join in, make a science zine! The zines will be read by a panel of scientists, artists, and students from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum of Natural History. There are three entry levels by age: Youth (8-12 years), High-School (13-17), Adult (18 and older) and there are twelve themes! Elke

"Who's Knowledge is Scientific Knowledge?
Many say science is one of the most democratic forms of knowledge. At the same time, the gap between scientific, medical, & engineering specialists and the public only seems to continue to increase. Overall scientific literacy in the U.S lags at the very same time that the privatizing and patenting of scientific knowledge becomes more and more common.

It is easy to feel disempowered, believing that scientific knowledge is obscure, boring and simply not for us. We might shrug-off the importance of science in our lives, assuming doctors and researchers who "know better" will do all of the thinking for us. Although sometimes enjoying the strangeness of scientific discoveries, many of us don't seem to believe we could play any part in communicating and sharing scientific knowledge.

The intention of Small Science Collective is to get over these assumptions and get everyone thinking about & communicating science through cheap and handy one page zines. Contributions come from researchers, students, the science-curious, and hopefully you as well! These zines and pamphlets are distributed in subways, benches, coffee shops, and any place someone might least expect them. Perhaps catching the attention of strangers who might what to learn something new about ants, spirals, food, or genetics? Whatever else, it is at least something to read while you wait for the bus. Pick one up, print one out here, read it, and leave it somewhere random for some unsuspecting stranger to pick up and learn something new. The science is yours to share." (web site)


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