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Queer Beograd

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QueerBeograd is a group of eight people who decided to stand against the violence:

Because first attempt of organizing Pride Parade in Belgrade in 2001. was blocked by large group of violent homophobic hooligans.
Because this violence is a result of politics of war, clericalism, nationalism, militarism and machismo that has been mainstream politics in Serbia during last 15 years.
Because second attempt to make LGBT community and politics visible on streets of Belgrade in 2004. had to be canceled coz organizers again couldn’t guarantee for participants safety.
Because the state and citizens are still ignorant toward problems of LGBT population and all the others who are “Different”. Because Human Rights are abused on daily bases.

That is why this year we had new concept – we refused to spend time on worries about Violence that might happen and hiring private security or police.
We wanted to build exciting cooperation between people on an international and local, level, to have fun, and to promote queer politics.
In this context to be queer means to refuse social rules and to constantly re-question supposed norms of patriarchal tradition.
To create space beyond the rigid boxes of LGBT or straight sexuality, allowing each other the ‘privilage’ of self definition.
To present a radical politics that sees the interconnectedness of all froms of oppression.

QueerBeograd is a group of eight people who decided to stand against the violence.
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Performance & theatre play
Queer feminism
Sex and sexualities
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Manifesto (on website): people have been discriminated against because of who they love. people have been beaten in the street because of who they love. because they are women, because of the color of their skin because they are queer, because they are different we say no! we all stand together. we refuse the categories which are used to divide and put us against one another. we make the world as we would like to enjoy it. free from fear, free from violence, free from discrimination. we declare a free space where regardless of the differences between people there is respect and sharing, where tolerance and understanding can develop. imagine a world full of laughter and fun. a safe place for children to play, for people to meet and talk, to sit, to listen to music, to dance, to entertain one another. it is the right of everyone to peacefully enjoy our public spaces. we gather as people of all kinds to say the divisions between us are not so great... we recognize that there are many ways that people love one another. we support each other in the right to do this. we say 'no more' to violence. 'no more' to fear and hatred. 'no more' to the belief that there is only one correct way of life. everyone has the right to freedom of expression as long as they hurt no one else.