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The Carnival of Feminists (Blog)


The Carnival of Feminists is held on two Wednesdays of each month. Hosted by a different blogger for each edition, it aims to showcase the finest feminist posts from around the blogsphere.

The Carnival aims to build the profile of feminist blogging, to direct extra traffic to all participating bloggers, but particularly newer bloggers, and to build networks among feminist bloggers around the world.

How to define feminist? Well that is up to each host. I don't intend to get into detailed debate about the issue: at the end of the day the choice of hosts will be mine, and then the direction of each edition will be decided by them.

Broadly, however, I'd say that a "feminist" post doesn't have to directly address what is commonly defined as "politics" - as we all know the personal is political - but there should be some sense in a post addressing women's place in the world. Posts should also be more than a collection of links, and include substantial original content.

Posts that celebrate women's lives and contributions to society - either current-day or historical - are particularly welcome. Posts will usually have been made in the period since the last carnival. (Only one nomination per blog please.)

Volunteers to host are exceedingly welcome - please do! I will choose them from as wide a definition of "feminism" as possible - so if you consider yourself to be feminist, I probably will too.

Nominations for excellent posts (your own or by others) should usually be sent to the host of the next carnival, but if they've yet to be named, or if you have any other queries, you can reach me at natalieben (at) gmail (dot) com.


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