Illustration © Nikki McClure

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Bunnies on Strike (website & zine)


Bunnies On Strike is a work in progress. And it grows! It is no longer just a zine: it's a website, it has a spoken word section, a radical cheerleading section, had a band and a more then music festival and is still growing. But we want Bunnies On Strike to grow in more aspects. We are now working on organising a festival called GENDER OUTLAW that will contain performances of bands together with other kinds of performances [think of dj's spoken word performances, reading/storytelling, games, radical cheerleading, films, foodsharing etc.]
We don*t like the way the underground is shattered because of musical differences, we want to try giving you nights that are broad-minded. We are anti-sexist, feminist, animal-friendly vegetarian, anti-racist, homo and hetero loving individuals. We love music, yet we try not to to let only OUR music tastes control what features on our 'parties.'


Names of Producers/organizers/editors/creators: 
Sanne Reinco Daniel Maaike Gijs Hester Keerolyn Angela
Language of project: 
English, Dutch, Turkish, French, Portugese
Environment & animal rights
Grassroots media in Europe