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Shocking Pink (Magazine, 1981-1982 and 1987-1992)


16 issues were published; zine written by and for young women with an emphasis on topics like contraception, abortion, sexuality, lesbianism / queer issues, violence against women, women culture / music etc., skill sharing (e.g. how to form a band, a women's group etc.), racism, women's rights etc.


United Kingdom
Timerange, Issue-nr, ...: 
1981 - 1982; 1987 - 1992 (16 issues)
Language of project: 
Copyright reserved
Grassroots media in Europe
LGBT and queer issues
Reproductive rights
Sexual violence
Girls and young women


Missing issue numbers!

Lovely to see SP here. I was a member of the second collective from 87-90. Of the unknown issues, C is Shocking Pink II issue 1, B is issue 2 and A is issue 3 (12503, geddit? We'd been told off by our distributors, Central Books, for not putting issue numbers on the cover).

Michele knight

I was one of the original collective of the first series 81-82 and was featured in the coming out story. I would love it if someone had a copy of that issue. Being part of the magazine paid off in bucket loads in terms of other things I have achieved in my life and is featured in my Sunday Times autobiography 'Touched by Evil' (no I did not choose that hideous title!)

Also a shot in the dark but I was on the front page of spare rib with a mohecan talking to an older woman in a protest about judge pickles and searching for a picture of that as well.

Thank you x

Michele Knight

Hi Michele, is this the issue of spare rib you're after? []

Also, issue one of shocking pink is available to download from this entry as a PDF (the link is higher than the others, up by the first line of images). It's got a coming out photo story in it- I hope it's the one you're after.

red x


Thank you so much! Yes that is me in the bondage trousers :) I am trying to find the link to the shocking pink but confused!

Cheers, you are a star!
M x

shocking pink

here it is:

let me know if it's the right one!

red x