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Women's Funding Network


Women’s Funding Network connects and strengthens more than 160 organizations that fund women’s solutions across the globe, making us one of the largest collaborative philanthropic networks in the world. Our members are women’s foundations that span public charities, private foundations and funds within community foundations.

Collectively our members invest $65 million annually in women and girls worldwide and have over $535 million in working assets.

As a global network and a movement for social justice, Women's Funding Network accelerates women's leadership and invests in solving critical social issues -- from poverty to global security -- by bringing together the financial power, influence and voices of women's funds.

Women’s Funding Network serves as a global champion for investment in women and provides member funds with ongoing access, training, tools and support to help them increase their investment, influence and impact. We unite ideas, knowledge money and action to create lasting social change for women and girls, their families and communities.

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