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See Red Women's Workshop, UK (c.1974-1990s). Part II.



We are a recently formed group of women interested in visual aspects of the Womens Struggle. We want to combat images of the "model woman" which are used by capitalist ideology to keep women from disputing their secondary status or questioning their role in a male dominated society.

We hope to do this by putting forward a positive image of women by:

a) producing posters, illustrations, cartoons and photographs ourselves;

b) providing visual material for womens publications and groups;

c) collecting images past, present and future which indicate the position of women in our society today e.g. the everyday assaults of advertising, etc. We want to build up a collection of examples of the positive and negative aspects of the image of women for the use of any group, periodical or individual presenting a constructive statement on matters concerning Women's Liberation. We would like to receive any relevant images in order to operate an expanding and ongoing collection concerned with Womens Struggle.

Any women interested are welcome to come round and meet us and to use our facilities and learn printing methods.

- Pru


United Kingdom
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See Red Women's Workshop, various collective members
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c. 1974 - 1990s.
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Representation of women
Women's Liberation Movement



i'm sure no one would mind if you used these graphics and made your own t-shirts. from my perspective as a fan of these posters, it would be nice to see these images and histories come alive again and walk down the street with pride (and mischief)! xxred

what a good idea! We need

what a good idea! We need more direct statements in artistic messages, particulalry when it comes to feminism. Art for art's sake, seems not to apply.

I would love to see more collective groups like this one- Banksy's works are declining in price, sales are down, at this time of recession we need art by people with a voice.

Barren books by men written on the subject of love, women,
The civilized grand source of the misery of woman
Bloodsoaked tampon did hitherto take place in the stalk,
Long before the season"

'Gulf Scream' by Posie Rider http://ladiesalone.blogs

Awesome feminist graphics

It's great to see these online - I want them all on a t-shirt! :-)