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Different Worlds, Same Heartbeats



Ladyfests, DIY, Craft Activism

issue #1:
sort of a feminist travel zine mixed with drawings, reports documenting “the scene” and craft enthusiasm. it includes texts on DIY feminism activism and my views on Ladyfest Amsterdam, Ladyfest Brussels, Ladies’ Room, Freak Out Fest, Up The Grrrls and more.

issue #2:
articles about autonomous media and craft activism. travel reports about the mini-Ladyfests in Brussels, Ladyfest Berlin 2007, Ladyfest Amsterdam 2008, queer fests and more. DIY how-tos about Audacity, cloth pads and recycling an old pairs of trousers to an apron/toolbelt.


Freaky: Queer Art Conference, Workshop, Exhibition

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at Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin
August 28th–30th 2009

The conference will develop a queer-theoretical perspective on contemporary art practices. Four art and queer theorists will intensely and publicly work with, on, and about four art works, which will be on display during the conference. A film and performance programme and a workshop will bring in further perspectives, artistic material and visual/linguistic practices.

Type of project: 
Queer feminism

“A Badass Veiled Girl”: E-mail Interview with Guerrilla Artist Princess Hijab

Migration & border issues
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Jenny Gunnarsson Payne: For how long have ‘Princess Hijab’ been around? How and why did the project start?

Princess Hijab: I created a personality in 2006. She is the synthesis of my own maturation, work, and introspection. I started doing collage, drawing, video, and fashion design, all of which were gradually absorbed by Princess, a veiled young girl, pure by day and wicked by night.

JGP: What are the main aims of your project? What are you hoping to achieve?

Princess Hijab
Jenny Gunnarsson Payne

Eva & Co (Magazine, 1982-1992)



Eva and Co was founded in 1981 by a group of women coming from different fields: visual arts, music, literature, and jurisprudence. By combining different disciplines, Eva and Co intended to bring about a theoretical discourse as well as active intervention into social consciousness and the art world.

The magazine contained theory, social issues as well as all forms of artistic expressions. Similar to the strategies of commercial campaigns, we tried to find a broader public for feminist contents via public relations, art competitions, and frequent presence in mainstream media.

Important aims were to promote the work of contemporary women artists and activists, as well as building up networks between women artists in local and international contexts.

The presentations of the magazine were accompanied by readings, performances, exhibitions, concerts, interventions and poster campaigns.

From 1986, each issue focussed on a different topic, e.g. “Architecture”, “Visual Arts”, “Film and Video”, “Music”, “Literature”, “Science Fiction” or on contents like “Men”, “Work”, “Power”, “Violence”, “Desire”, reflected from the viewpoints of visual artists, writers, theoreticians, activists...

From 1989 Eva and Co was member of IAWA (International Association of Women in the Arts), a European network of Women Art Associations. As a result, some of the issues were published bilingual (German/English, German/Spanish). There were connections with other feminist European Art Magazines, like “Ruimte” (Amsterdam) and “Women´s Art” (WASL, London).

By 1992, the production of physical publications seemed to become obsolete due to the upcoming of the new medium internet, and the women involved in Eva and Co decided to continue art activism and networking in many different ways – according to their manifesto: “We will infiltrate everything! We will go underground and to the sky. And be warned: in the future we will camouflage ourselves.”


FETT (Magazine)



Fett is a feminist magazine, which comes out with four issues per year. The magazine is published by the Women's Front, with financial support from the Freedom of Expression and the Norwegian Cultural Council, but the editorial work on independent basis. Fett is a member of the Norwegian Association Journal (

Who are we to make fett? A lot of promising women and a few men who are tired of the usual press buy and sell stereotypical notions of gender and sexuality. Now hold it!

type=digital_archives (news portal, database, 2006-(2010))


Croatia is an inclusive project by Civil Society Organization named Expanse of Gender and Media Culture 'Common Zone', based in Zagreb, Croatia. We are giving our contribution on bridging ICT gender gap through
a) education based on skill exchange
b) technical, artistic and multimedia workshops
c) having women-made media space.
With online database of women artists and news portal (which are on incorporated one in another) we tend to raise visibility of women artists and participate with dynamic and diverse voice in the media map of Croatia.


Princess Hijab: Hijabizing Advertising



Princess Hijab, born in 1988, is an unseen character. The young artist behind her wishes to remain anonymous. Since 2006, the Princess, who has begun a movement (Hijabism) based on the subverting of advertisements (Hijabizing) veils faces on billboards using a black marker pen.The black hijab encompasses every existing form of distinction. PH also operates on the Internet by creating animated gifs.
She initiated the hijab_ad collective.


Re-BELLY-on Week

These are all the pictures I could get uploaded for the time being.

To explain:
Myself and other members of one of our feminist clubs on campus, FORGE (Fighting for Our Rights and Gender Equality), as well as cast members of our production of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" decided to put together an art project in celebration of NEDA Week. We know that many women are plagued with body image issues as well as life-threatening eating disorders. In conjunction with NEDA Week, we launched the "Re-BELLY-on" project.


FUL (Magazine, Radio)


Birger Jarlsgatan 18 A, 4 tr c/o Nya Kontoret
Stockholm, 114 34

The queer feminist magazine Femkul (since 2004) was re-launched under the new name FUL the 24th of April 2008. Important aims are to promote the work of contemporary women artists and activists, as well as building up networks between women artists in local and international contexts.

In 2009 FUL_ launched FULRADIO, a montly pod radio programme including readings, interviews, drama, debates, sound art and more.


"Generating contexts in a fragile scene". An email interview with the feminist art collective Erreakzioa-Reacción

Grassroots media in Europe
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"This project is posed as a space for encounter, reflection, debate and resistance around ways of doing that incorporate feminist thought, queer politics and postcolonial discourses in artistic practice."

- Here and Now! New Forms of Feminist Action , exhibition booklet

Erreakzioa-Reacción, feminist art collective
Red Chidgey & Elke Zobl
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