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Ladyfest Vilnius 2007


54° 41' 11.5224" N, 25° 16' 6.798" E

"Gegužės 10

17.00 – 18.30
Trumpų filmų peržiūra "Jautri kamera: moterys, kurios keičia"
("Broadcasting For Change: Why Women Count? ") – dokumentiniai reportažai iš viso pasaulio, 2006/2007, 90 min
Vieta: kino centras “Skalvija”, Goštauto g. 2/15

Jaunųjų menininkų parodos "Sabotažas" atidarymas.
Vieta: Vilniaus grafikos meno centras, Latako g.3, Vilnius, 3 aukštas.

Artūro Tereškino knygos “ Esė apie skirtingus kūnus: kultūra, lytis, seksualumas" pristatymas ir diskusija.


Ladyfest Brasil 2006


Sao Paolo
23° 33' 14.1012" S, 46° 39' 32.1696" W

"Ladyfest Brasil 2006 acontece no fim do mês
By Elisa Gargiulo 09/03/2006 At 15:13

Acontece nos dias 24, 25 e 26 de março o festival cultural feminista Ladyfest Brasil 2006.
No total serão 12 shows, 6 oficinas, dois debates, três dias de exibição de vídeos e duas festas mostrando a diversidade cultural e a força da cena feminina brasileira.

O tema desse ano é “É menina ou Menino? Gênero: O machismo torturando nossa identidade.”


Ladyfest Brasil 2005


Sao Paolo
23° 33' 50.3532" S, 46° 40' 11.7192" W

Por Elisa Gargiulo 21/02/2005 às 15:55

O festival cultural feminista Ladyfest Brasil 2005 acontecerá dias 11, 12 e 13 de março, em São Paulo.

Mais de mil pessoas compareceram à primeira edição do festival cultural feminista Ladyfest em sua versão brasileira nos dias 12 e 13 de março de 2004. O evento foi realizado nas casas noturnas Outs e Hangar 110.


Ladyfest Zagreb 2008 - Vox Feminae


45° 48' 48.5496" N, 15° 58' 7.0608" E

"Program Vox Feminae 2008

Klub SC-a, free entrance

Petak / Friday 28. 11. 2008.

17h / 5pm
* predstavljanje, diskusija: kreativni kolektivi
creative collectives, discussion and presentations

21h / 9pm
* Punčke - punk rock,, Vinkovci
* Ž/Buka - surf rock/post punk, Zagreb
* Spina - blues/funk/jazz,, Zagreb

Subota / Saturday 29. 11. 2008.

17h / 5 pm
* malo teorije + art-buvljak
theory slot + art fair

21h / 9pm – elektropunk


Vindicacion feminista (magazine)


Trouble & Strife (Reader)


United Kingdom

Trouble and Strife was an independent radical feminist magazine published in Britain from 1983 to 2002 (as an English language sister-publication to the French journal Nouvelles questions féministes).

This new book, edited and with an introduction by former editorial
collective members Deborah Cameron and Joan Scanlon, collects together 30 of the best articles that appeared in the magazine, and also reproduces some of the cartoons which were one of its distinctive features. It contains sections on 'Controversies', 'Sexuality',
'Theory', 'History', and 'Culture'. Contributors include Dena Attar, Deborah Cameron, Christine Delphy, Stevi Jackson, Liz Kelly, Sigrid Rausing and Purna Sen.


Alek Ommert: The Use of Social Network Software for queer-feminist activism, using the example of Ladyfest


50° 6' 41.4432" N, 8° 40' 49.8216" E

This is a short version of a presentation that should have been held at the Civil Media conference 2009 in Salzburg ( Unfortunatedly, Alek got sick and could not come but she sent this presentation and gave us permission to post it here.


Anne Bitsch (website)



Anne Bitsch, born in 1978, currently lives in Oslo, Norway, where she is currently working as a programme adviser for Forum for Women and Development (FOKUS), is engaged as the theme coordinator in the Norwegian Amnesty International Campaign ‘Stopp vold mot kvinner’ (‘Stop violence towards women’) as well as writing on a free lance basis for various media such as Aftenposten, the weekly news magazine Ny Tid, the Norwegian feminist magazine Fett, Aftenposten. Since recently, she is also writing column for Dagsavisen.


At Sea With Sexists

Sometimes giving the time of day to a sexist isn’t the best way of dealing with them. But sometimes… sometimes… you’re at sea with them and there’s no getting off the boat, you just need some quick answers to the biggest sexist jibes, to right it and stand up straight again. This ‘zine will give a bit of that.


Lesbo (Magazine)


46° 3' 5.1336" N, 14° 30' 21.4776" E

Lesbo Magazine
Political, cultural and social magazine, the successor of fanzine Lesbozine (1987-1988) and bulletin Pandora (1993-1996). It has been published since 1997 as a non profitable, free publication. Lesbo magazine aims at sharpening the critical and intellectual blades and at damage-control. It promotes stories, politics and views, arts and attitudes, practices and theories about the resistance and radical fights against homophobia and any other exclusive orientations. It breaks identity consolidations wherever they limit the diversity as an existential right; therefore it opens the issues, which are usually closed down by the social consensus: non-monogamy; underground; trans-gender and trans-sexuality; gender technology; pornography as activism; political manifestations; the catholic church and lesbianism; lesbian motherhood; lesbian trade unions; gay and lesbian studies; lesbian motifs in art; lesbians in cyber space; closet and scenes.

As such it participates in wider civil, political, social and cultural efforts aiming at breaking the massive walls of civil apathy, political ignorance, ideological terror and mind exploitation.

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