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BUILDING A TRANSNATIONAL FEMINIST COMMUNITY TOWARDS A PARTICIPATORY CULTURE AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: This is our aim! To do so, please upload your projects, interviews you have done, resources you find interesting and join the grassroots feminist community! If you have questions, please email me (Elke Zobl) at elke.zobl(at)
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Third Wave/ New/ DIY Feminisms: Books, Articles, Websites


Barbara Smith (ed), Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology. New York: Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press, 1983.

Rebecca Walker (ed), To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism , New York: Anchor, 1995.

Barbara Findlen (ed), Listen Up: Voices From The Next Feminist Generation , Seattle: Seal Press, 1995.

Kathy Bail (ed), DIY Feminism , St Leonards: Allen and Unwin, 1996.

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Reading Lists
Girls and young women
Youth culture

MigraZine- online magazine by and for migrant women


48° 18' 21.8664" N, 14° 17' 10.6548" E

Verein MAIZ is a self-organisation by and for migrant women. Through our work we attempt to create space for migrant women to articulate themselves as protagonists. „MigraZine“ is a project for an online magazine by and for migrant women and as such, is intended to contribute to the participation of migrant women. The motivations for this project are manifold:

* We refuse to be perceived solely in the role of victim or as offender. We are producers who can and want to speak for ourselves.
* Migrant women’s access to print and online media is limited and one-sided. The intention of the project is to provide the possibility to decide throughout the whole process - starting from the idea to its form and its design.
* Furthermore, with regards to their participation in the media, migrant women are confronted with a lack of technical knowledge, a scarcity of resources and insufficient knowledge of German and English, the dominant languages.
* An online magazine, the medium of choice for this task, is, among other things due to the low costs involved.
* This project will be carried out for a limited period of time. However, we understand it as a first step with leaving the option open to further develop it.
* A feminist and at the same time an anti-racist publication.


There's Nowt As Queer As Feminism zine


United Kingdom
51° 28' 52.7052" N, 3° 10' 49.7928" W

A zine looking at the links between feminism and queer, from a grassroots activist perspective.


Ta det röda pillret (Blog)



Take the Red Pill--Face the World Problems (Queerfeminist blog by Alexander Alvina Chamberland)

Description: Activist, mainly within feminism, hbt/queer and animal's rights. Leading motifs are intersectionality and anarchofeminism! Am gay, byt rather 'dykey'. Studying Gender Studies in Lund. Columnist for the magazines ETC and Efter Arbetet [After Work].
(Freely translated from Swedish)


"Safe[r] spaces online": An email interview with Helen from Bird of Paradox blog

Grassroots media in Europe
LGBT and queer issues
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Can you introduce yourself?
I’m an ordinary, boring, 50-something, white, middle-class transsexual woman; based in London and trying to build a life that feels more like mine and less like one I was camping out in until something better came along.

As well as my own blog, I contribute to two others - The F-Word ( and Questioning Transphobia ( ). I’m also co-curator of the Genderfork feed at Twitter ( ) and the point of contact for the London hub of the National LGBT Cancer Network ( )

Helen, blogger
Red Chidgey and Elke Zobl

Morgenmuffel Comic


United Kingdom
50° 49' 10.9776" N, 0° 8' 11.6592" W

Bird of Paradox (Blog)


United Kingdom
51° 30' 26.406" N, 0° 7' 39.6588" W

About Bird of Paradox blog:
I write about issues that interest and affect me as a transsexual woman: the civil, social and legal rights of transsexual women in particular – “the politics of being trans” – is a subject which motivates me more as I get further into my transition. As the saying goes: “Women may be second-class citizens, but trans women are second-class women”.


Media and Gender Politics at the Autonomous Womyn's Gathering, Vienna

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"Smash, smash, smash all the nations
We are the feminist generation
We mess up military bases
We destroy fascist nations
Bombs, Guns and Evolution
We're gonna make a Revolution
We wanna start an insurrection
We wanna find a new direction"
- Protest song at the Autonomous Womyn's Gathering, Wien


KnockBack (Magazine)


United Kingdom

KnockBack Magazine, or KB to our friends, is our A5 antidote to the guff that passes for women’s media. After enduring an issue of Cosmopolitan on a particularly slow day in the office, Marie Berry and friends decided to provide an alternative, a literary nod to the girls we know and love whose lives are not governed by shopping, dieting and celebrity culture. Because we are women who make sense, who work, play and write hard. Because the women you read about in other magazines are not like us, we are not represented, so we choose to represent ourselves, and you, if you are one of us.


Subtext (Magazine, 2006-2010)


United Kingdom
52° 57' 18.3888" N, 1° 8' 57.516" W

Feminism, politics and culture magazine.

Subtext is written and managed entirely by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis.

We're here to provide an alternative to mainstream women's glossies - a space that's challenging, supportive and engaging. There'll be plenty of much needed feminist critique too.

Subtext is a place where women can voice their opinions, sound off and promote the great things that they're doing or that they respect in others. Men are welcome to join the fun too.

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