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Please upload your projects (be it zines, Ladyfest events, media,...), interviews you have done, resources you find useful and join the grassroots feminist community!

Grassroots Feminism takes as its starting point the belief that today’s grassroots women's/feminist cultural production and practices are worthwhile and need to be documented. By providing an interactive network portal and research platform, the goal is to make the work and activism of transnational feminists more accessible, as well as to establish a “living history” archive.

Working towards the recognition and renewal of the contemporary feminist movement, the aims of the web site are:
- to archive activities of the grassroots feminist movement worldwide (be it cultural, activist or political)
- to provide and share information and resources on feminist practice and theory
- to offer possibilities for exchange, networking and interaction so we can connect across borders and re-envision feminist politics
- to encourage the participation and acknowledgement of young feminists

Its overall vision is to establish a lively network of grassroots feminists throughout the world.

You can log in, list your own projects, search for projects, resources, interviews and access various archives we are about to establish, namely Ladyfest, zine, music, grassroots media archives – with your help and input! Please let us know what you think!

The site is organized and maintained by me, Elke Zobl from Salzburg, Austria, in collaboration with Red Chidgey, England. Work on this web site has been supported by a research grant from the Austrian Science Fund.

Thanks for your visit, add your project and become part of this transnational grassroots feminist community!

Please let us know if you have questions, ideas, suggestions,... we welcome your feedback very much!

Elke Zobl (Austria), project coordinator
Red Chidgey (UK), project collaborator