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This blog will serve as a research platform for a doctoral project on feminist media and feminist memory at London South Bank University, supervised by Dr. Anna Reading.

On this blog, I’ll start by building up chronologies of key publications (books, magazines, newspapers, e-zines) in the UK as a way to stage our histories. I’ll also be posting on issues of feminist history, what gets remembered or forgotten, what histories of the feminist past are talked about by activists in the present, and how digital cultures are shaping how we collect, record, document and disseminate feminist memory. There will be a focus on self-labelled “DIY feminism”.

You are very much welcome to comment on the posts and chronologies and add your suggestions, links, etc. This website will also seek to document archival records, both through the website and real life repositories. If you have any materials you would like to share through this project, please get in touch!


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