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type=digital_archives is an inclusive project by Civil Society Organization named Expanse of Gender and Media Culture 'Common Zone', based in Zagreb, Croatia. We are giving our contribution on bridging ICT gender gap through
a) education based on skill exchange
b) technical, artistic and multimedia workshops
c) having women-made media space.
With online database of women artists and news portal (which are on incorporated one in another) we tend to raise visibility of women artists and participate with dynamic and diverse voice in the media map of Croatia.
We see citizen journalism (especially one done by women) as an important contribution to the improvement of freedom and diversity of expression.

Clarification of the project title
We have noticed that this name often invokes strange reactions in people (in Croatia:). The name “Cunterview” has several meanings and interpretations. By using the word “cunt” which is an eyebrow-raiser for many and also frowned upon, we are trying to reclaim it, or in other words, start using it in contexts different from those in which this word is usually used. (Inga Muscio has written a whole book on the subject – it is titled Cunt: A Declaration of Independence.) Furthermore, the word “Cunterview” is pronounced very similar to “counterview”, which implies a different/opposed/female perspective on things.

Specific objectives of the

a. creating a (multi)media space for women, based on women’s professional and citizen journalism
b. creating and developing the Croatian women artists’ database
c. announcements and coverage of the women artists’ related events (exhibitions, book releases, plays, movies, achievements in different fields of design, and so on)
d. skill-exchange based media workshops for women
e. online workshops which will precede the actual ones (the intention is for the theoretical knowledge to be acquired from home to save time and thus make the live sessions more productive)
f. organization and promotion of the women artists’ exhibitions and performances

Since December 2010 has been integrated into the Vox Feminae website


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Gabrijela Ivanov, founder and editor, Vedrana Lukačević, artists database
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Timerange, Issue-nr, ...: 
2006-2010 (then becoming part of
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Croatian and English
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