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Besharmi Morcha Bangalore 2011


4th December 2011 (cancelled; permit revoked)

SlutWalk Bangalore aims to be a movement that brings attention to the endless cases of sexual abuse and narrow-minded practices of judgement and victim blaming that follow thereafter. It aims to be a movement that will work towards generating positive and affirmative action that will help tackle these issues. Here is a more detailed breakdown.

1) Victim abuse - Understand victims of sexual abuse and work towards encouraging a "DO NOT RAPE" communication as opposed to the existing "DON'T GET RAPED"

2) Respect for sexuality - A woman does not need to feel ashamed about embracing or expressing her sexuality. Work towards redefining narrow-minded views on female sexuality.

3) Safety for women - Regardless of "attire", all women deserve the highest standards of safety. No one is EVER "asking" to get raped or abused.

4) Social Judgement - Work towards breaking perception that women who dress a certain way are of "loose" morality and less deserving of rights.

5) Indianization when convenient - India is a place of great constitutional freedom. Perpetrators of such crimes should not be allowed to hide behind the "It's against INDIAN CULTURE" shield.

Slutwalk Bangalore will comprise a series of events leading up to the main WALK which starts from Town Hall at 10:30 A.M. on December 4th. The route is TOWN HALL to FREEDOM PARK.


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Besharmi Morcha Bangalore was cancelled after city police withdrew permission for the march to take place.