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Slutwalk Glasgow 2011


This event was set up in solidarity with our Canadian sisters after a Toronto police representative claimed women would stop getting raped if they “stopped dressing like sluts”. We believe this is wrong – the only thing that causes RAPE is RAPISTS.

We want to claim back the word “slut” and take away its power. We want to stop victims being blamed, and blaming themselves. We want to fight sexual stereotypes, and the stereotypes surrounding sexual assault. We’re ANGRY about the way the victims of sexual violence are treated and perceived and we want to change this dramatically.

This is NOT about hate. We will not tolerate hatred of any sort – we want to use the word slut in a positive and empowering way. Sexual assault is not an issue that just concerns women, and we want all our male allies to know they can join us on our march. Whatever your gender or sexual identity, you're welcome. Dress however you damn well like.

Sidenote: If you’re a troll then don’t even bother, we do not feed trolls. Your post will be deleted and you will be blocked from the group. We are however very hapy to engage in intelligent debate with people who are curious about who we are and what we’re trying to do.

Slutwalk: Because we've had enough!

Addendum: What is not acceptable here

- Men calling women sluts
- Passing judgement on what women wear
- Any misogyny, rape apology or rape jokes

This list is not exhaustive, but these are massive DONTS.


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United Kingdom
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