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What do you think are the most important feminist issues today, and why?


Am curious to hear about your thoughts and reasonings!


I think education is important, perhaps if more schools looked at aspects of gender studies today (not just a brief history of the suffragette movement - a look at gender issues in the present is needed as many children I know think feminism is no longer relevant).

I believe it is possible to use feminist theories to analyse texts/ideas in the classroom and encourage young people to think critically.

although I agree that many issues are important, I feel that the education of young people has the potential to increase feminist sympathies and also it might give some people the confidence to actually label themselves as feminist.

1. overcome the thinking,

1. overcome the thinking, that there are only two sexes and that they inherit or are the origin of certain fixed traits/characteristics

2. therefore: focus on homos, queers, transgender, transsexuals etc

2. gender diversity in every aspect of life, economy and so on

3. eating disorders

4. model business, porn business, music business;
more often and more harsh criticizm and especially for porn business: develop a powerful feminist/queer community

5. strengthen new ways of living, (not only the husband-(house)wife-kid constellation) via law, via role models, via open discussions...

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Mutual Aid

Was just reading Doris #26 and came across a definition of mutual aid: "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need".

Cindy Crabb, who writes Doris (and is brilliant!), is talking about "Social Ecology"'s some quotes that cindy quotes

"We desperately need coherence...not dogma. (We need) a structure of ideas that places philosophy, anthropology, history, ethics, a new rationality and utopian visions in the service of freedom"

"The earth can no longer be owned, it must be shared. Its fruits, including those produced by technology and labour, can no longer be expropriated by the few; they must be (made) available to all on the basis of need. Power...must be freed from the control of the elites; it must be redistributed in a form that renders its use participatory."

most important feminist issues today

Thinking about the DIY feminist movement, the need for more:

* intersection! i.e. thinking about the gender/sexuality/race/class/dis_ability/species aspects of a situation. beyond just being buzz words. understandings of privilege AND oppressions. we don't have the luxury of only thinking through problems and situations through one angle or standpoint.

* strategies. putting together tool kits. training each other in activism and history. getting beyond words and personal reflections into community response. working out methods/agreements for accountability. finding out what mutual aid means and how we can do it more.


yeah, i absolutely agree with you red :)
I would also say that it is a really big and important challenge to think about intersections and also bring them into practice!
And also your point about privilege is really important. There is more than one side of oppression and people have to loose privileges otherwise things can't really chance...