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Woman Plus.../Женщина Плюс… (Magazine, 1994 - 2004)


Woman Plus…/Женщина Плюс… was a bilingual magazine by the Russian NGO East-West: ZiHP published between 1994 and 2004; all articles can be read on the website! Emphasis on feminist news, situation of women in Russia and worldwide, equality, women's rights, feminist theory/history, feminist activism, women's movement, violence, women and war, health/body/reproductive rights, culture, stereotypes/sexism, but the magazine also contained a ressource page "Internet for Women" with lot of links from Women's organisations, groups, etc.; East-West: ZiHP also published the web portal OWL - Open Women Line

Since 1994 the Russian Women's NGO - "East-West Women's Innovation Fond" publishes the social and enlightening magazine WOMAN PLUS... This publication attempts to compensate represeubed by the lack of a press for women. The purposes of the magazine are:

to assisst women to be involved in social and economic life of society,
to spread Russian and foreign experience of women's civil initiatives,
to give women opportunity to express their opinion about actual and important problems.

WOMAN PLUS... differs from the most non-commercial publications in the following respects:

prime readers of the magazine as well as authors of most of the articles are women,
it publishes beside informational and statistical data, also analitical articles,
it includes a lot of enlightening materials,
it covers a broad spectrum of problems,
it is published in two languages. Russian and English version.

It makes possible to inform the public abroad about social transformations going on in our country.
Periodicity of the publication is three issues a year.


55° 45' 4.4712" N, 37° 37' 6.3192" E
Names of Producers/organizers/editors/creators: 
East-West: ZiHP
Timerange, Issue-nr, ...: 
1994 - 2004
Language of project: 
Russian, English
Global affairs & transnationalism
Grassroots media in Europe
History & memory
Human rights
Internet & digital divide
Networking & community building
Political participation
Reproductive rights
Sexual violence
Women's Liberation Movement