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Call: Camera Club Girls Film Festival 2013 (Deadline: 31st Dec 2012)


After the success of our PinUp PlayBack film night in The Medway Towns, we are so excited to finally be presenting our very own festival! Camera Club Girls 2013 is part of the PinUp PayBack campaign, SisterHood Watch. We want to champion young women and girls and celebrate gender, cultural difference and sexuality while representing issues we face in the 21st century.We are not complicit with the narrow representation and exploitation of women in today’s media. We want to make our own!
PinUp PayBack is a very new, young organisation but we are not ageist. We recognise and support male feminist, trans-gender feminists and people who prefer to identify as humanist. Submissions from all backgrounds, genders, ages and nationalities are welcome.
You have just under 5 months to submit your film. From the 13th of August to the 31st of December 2012

Submission guidelines:
Please submit your film to PinUp PayBack by December 31st 2012
• Films should deal with feminist issues and/or deal with gender, sexuality, culture etc.
• Films can be of any length or genre.
• Non-English language films must be presented in English-subtitled versions.
Email pinuppaybackatlive [dot] co [dot] uk with a link to your film online or to request the postal address for submitting via DVD. Please include the following information in your email or attached with your DVD submission:
• Film director’s name, contact details, and short biography
• Title of film
• Country of production
• Film credits (producer, writer, etc)
• Synopsis of film including 100 words on why you think it is suitable for the festival
• Length of film in minutes
• Where it has been screened before, if applicable
Successful applicants will be notified by January 30th 2013.
Disclaimer: The festival reserves the right to use an excerpt not exceeding three minutes from any submitted films for promotional purposes.

About PinUp PayBack:
Fun feminist organisation, striving for a global humanitarianism, open to everyone! Punk, Partying and festivals! Global and National education centred activism! It only works if everybody gets involved!
Our objective is a GLOBAL FEMINISM It only works if everyone speaks up and plays a part. We have numerous campaigns, targeting education systems, our governments, overseas governments, each other. And we want your involvement every step of the way. Got an idea? We will help you realise it. Got an issue? We will help you fight it. Got a talent that can be of help? We will help you utilise it. Make feminism and Pinup Payback part of your lifestyle and we can create a safe, fun, educated, free, tolerant, equal, global humanitarianism.

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