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gender forum - An Internet Journal for Gender Studies


Editorial Statement:

gender forum is an online, peer reviewed academic journal dedicated to the discussion of gender issues. As an electronic journal, gender forum offers a free-of-charge platform for the discussion of gender-related topics in the fields of literary and cultural production, media and the arts as well as politics, the natural sciences, medicine, the law, religion and philosophy. Inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Beate Neumeier in 2002, the quarterly issues of the journal have focused on a multitude of questions from different theoretical perspectives of feminist criticism, queer theory, and masculinity studies. (...) The issues also include reviews of recent critical publications and occasionally interviews, fictional pieces and poetry with a gender studies angle.

gender forum is edited by Prof. Dr. Neumeier, University of Cologne (Germany) in cooperation with a team of editorial assistants and an international editorial board: Prof. Dr. Mita Banerjee, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany); Prof. Dr. Nilufer E. Bharucha, University of Mumbai (India); Prof. Dr. Carmen Birkle, Philipps-University Marburg (Germany); Prof. Dr. Ingrid Hotz-Davies, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen (Germany); Prof. Dr. Ralph Poole, University Salzburg (Austria); Prof. Dr. Chris Weedon, Cardiff University (UK).


gender forum is linked to and associated with gender Inn, a database for gender and women's studies founded by Prof. Natascha Würzbach at the English Department of Cologne University (Germany) in 1987, and since 1999 under the direction of Prof. Beate Neumeier. Since 1996, gender Inn offers a continually updated, free-of-charge opportunity for online-research, providing access to over 7,000 bibliographic records of feminist theory, gender studies, feminist literary criticism and feminist literature from other fields such as education, sociology, history, and psychology. The journal gender forum regularly provides reviews of books indexed in gender Inn, thereby connecting both online approaches dedicated to the support of academic gender studies.

We would like to invite you to use both gender forum and gender Inn regularly and to contribute to our common research goals as readers and contributors. Please inform us about your recent publications and ask your publisher to send review copies to gender forum. All material on gender forum, unless stated otherwise, is protected under the creative commons license


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editor in chief: Dr. Beate Neumeier - University of Cologne (international editorial board)
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2002 - now
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