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The F-Word Media Collective

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We are a grassroots feminist media collective operating out of Vancouver BC. The F Word Radio Show has been on air since 2007.

We operate from the following principles and values:

* We seek to facilitate feminist dialogue in the community and use media as a foundation for positive social change
* We acknowledge media as a primary mode of cultural communication and we hope to open a space for alternative feminist dialogue that does not exist in mainstream media
* We acknowledge that creating media is a privilege and it is our responsibility to share this media space with members of the women’s community who may not otherwise have access to the same level of privilege/media space.
* We seek to make feminism engaging and accessible to anyone who, by various social factors, has felt alienated or excluded by representations of feminism in mainstream culture.
* We work to create a culture of respect and actively resist any form of oppression on the basis of gender, race, culture, class, language, sexual orientation, ability, age, or life experience.

You can hear us live in Vancouver on Co-op Radio, CFRO 102.7FM every Monday afternoon from 12-1 pm PST. You can also listen online from any location at

We are also part of the rabble Podcast network. Listen to past shows at or check out our archives at

Current members are: Nicole Deagan, Ellie Gordon-Moershel, Meghan Murphy, Ariana Barer, Laura Wood, Natalie Hill


49° 15' 40.4136" N, 123° 6' 50.1372" W
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Co-op Radio
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Blog & Web 2.0
LGBT and queer issues
Networking & community building
Pop culture
Race & ethnicity
Representation of women
Sexual violence
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2007 - now
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