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Gender studies (106)


Women's Parliamentary Radio


Westminster, London
United Kingdom

Women’s Parliamentary Radio, an online radio station designed to give exclusive coverage to women’s issues and female parliamentarians in the UK. was founded in 2007 and currently receives up to 56,000 hits per month. Our aim is to give exclusive coverage to women’s issues in government and provides a platform for female politicians to speak free from stereotypes and the pressure of the news agenda.


Feminetik (Feminist Online Forum)


Sweden opened on 13 September 2003 and has from its inception had the ambition to strengthen the feminist struggle by offering all feminists are a meeting place and a chance to express themselves on the Internet.


Kruh & Ruze ("Bread & Roses", Magazine)


Ženska infoteka
Varšavska 16
Zagreb , I 10000

WOMEN'S INFOTEKA (ŽENSKA INFOTEKA) is women's information and documentation center founded in Zagreb in December 1992 as the first of the sort in Croatia and Eastern Europe. The basic activities are:

* Collecting and disseminating data and information
* A lending service Library
* Publishing (books and the magazine "Bread and Roses" ("Kruh i ruže")
* Organizing of training seminars and international conferences
* Conducting researches and providing help in researches


Plotki Femzine


52° 31' 24.528" N, 13° 24' 41.3784" E

"This issue is out to explore the hidden and the more obvious aspects of gender realities in our contemporary central and eastern European cultural sphere. Our common ground is large and diverse, especially the topic of gender draws attention to this."

(Editorial, 01 Nov 2006, By Isabella Willinger, Berlin, Munich)

About Plotki:
PLOTKI is a project from around the bloc. PLOTKI spreads rumours. PLOTKI investigates our cultural sphere. And PLOTKI brings together writers, photographers and graphic artists from Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

PLOTKI was founded in 2000 by a group of students from Berlin, Warszawa and Praha. In the meantime PLOTKISTY from all over Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe have joined us. Our goal is to increase and intensify the contact between former East and West, between neighboring countries and people.

[plotki magazine]

PLOTKI started out as a printed magazine about culture and society in Central and Eastern Europe. We approach this broad field by giving each issue a thematic focus such as "playgrounds" or "failed projects" - perspectives on reality.

The variety of issues corresponds with the wide range of text styles. In PLOTKI you can find interviews, journalistic reporting or essays, personal impressions and literary texts as well as crossovers of texts and images, like photo-essays and comics.

[plotki platform]

PLOTKI enlargement - next to our printed magazine we are by now a unique platform for various projects connected to Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe such as the monthly online magazine "Updated Rumours" or the exhibition "click-a-cliqué" in Berlin in Ocotber 2005.

PLOTKI is a non-commercial project that relies on the financial support of public institutions. Originally it was part of the project tutorial program of the Free University Berlin, which was much to our regret cancelled in 2002.

[plotki network]

PLOTKI is organized across borders - PLOTKISTY can be found in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Albania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Although Berlin has been the headquarters since the founding of PLOTKI, the project remains international in communication and organisation. Our seminars and network meetings held in a different place in Central Eastern Europe every year are the backbone of PLOTKI.

[plotki geography]

So far our seminars took place in Berlin, Warszawa, Brno, Szymbark, Praha, Budapest, Ceska Skalice, Romania (Transylvania) and Ukraine (Carpathians). These meetings are meant to unite the contributors of the PLOTKI universe.

We strongly invite anyone who would like to contribute to PLOTKI, no matter what country east of Rosenheim you come from. Please contact us, if you would like to come and join us - we don't have private jet planes yet, but we do have funding.

There is a whole bloc of possibilities!


Ladyspace: Feministische Raumpraktiken am Beispiel Ladyfest (thesis)


48° 12' 29.5272" N, 16° 22' 18.0804" E

LADYSPACE Feministische Raumpraktiken am Beispiel Ladyfest
eingereicht an der Technischen Universität Wien Fakultät für Architektur und Raumplanung

aus der Arbeit:

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