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Human rights


Al-Nisa (Magazine, 2000-)


United Kingdom
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"It is clear that having a forum to speak about things that are kept silent, about the daily violation of women's rights, to defend women who have nobody to stand up for them, to discuss and work to change the rules, laws, and decrees which dominate women's lives, to stop the emotional and moral harassment committed by society, to raise awareness about women's human rights, to give women the hope that our lives can be better, is more needed: a forum, a journal, an organisation, to show that women have something to say, to express our views, to have our voices heard: a forum to show that women


Anne Bitsch (website)



Anne Bitsch, born in 1978, currently lives in Oslo, Norway, where she is currently working as a programme adviser for Forum for Women and Development (FOKUS), is engaged as the theme coordinator in the Norwegian Amnesty International Campaign ‘Stopp vold mot kvinner’ (‘Stop violence towards women’) as well as writing on a free lance basis for various media such as Aftenposten, the weekly news magazine Ny Tid, the Norwegian feminist magazine Fett, Aftenposten. Since recently, she is also writing column for Dagsavisen.


Radio Pirate Woman


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Established 1987, unlicensed, broadcasts two months/twice each year from private home of Margaretta D'Arcy (founder). On her website several issues of the programm can be downloaded/heard; emphasis on civil society, environmental / anti-war / human rights / women's rights activism, international perspectives, etc.


Gender Justice Uncovered Awards / Premios Género y Justicia al Descubierto

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(En español al final)

Women's Link Worldwide is looking for the BEST and WORST recent decisions or statements on gender equality in Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Send us your submissions of written statements, decisions or judgments made during the resolution of a legal case which has had an effect on gender equality.

The submissions may have been made in any court, tribunal, committee or administrative body for example by judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, ombudsman, UN committees, regional and international courts, or asylum boards.

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Global affairs & transnationalism
Human rights
Political participation
Representation of women
Reproductive rights
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