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June 2009


Vi som aldrig sa sexist: Normen styr inte dig - du styr normen (Blog)



Vi som aldrig sa sexist är en diskussions-/dialogblogg vars huvudsakliga fokus är frågeställningar som rör normer, relationer och genus. Projektet är en vidareutveckling av de så kallade feministfrukostmötena på Café Edenborg hösten 2007. Vi skriver för att synliggöra, problematisera och stegvis närma oss hållbara strategier för att leva med normer, relationer och genus, eftersom ett med alltid förutsätter ett mot.


Red Dawns Festival: Queering solidarity and honoring militant historical memory


"Festival Red Dawns does not advocate a further polarization of genders or "war of the sexes". Instead, the creativity and the mingling of the participants of Red Dawns question the boundaries we take for granted; the isolating boundaries that separate people regardless of our gender."
- Red Dawns festival website

Back in March 2009, I went to the queer feminist festival, Red Dawns/Rdeče zore in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Isis International Bulletin (1976-1983)



The story begins with a group of inspired feminists, many brilliant ideas and a good typewriter to put them together with... From the setting up of a feminist information and communications collective in 1974, to the first published bulletin that Isis put out in 1976, and all the way through to the present, Isis has been blessed with the courage, creativity and vision of the many women who committed to realising the organisation's vision for social transformation and women's empowerment.


Hallongrottan/Hallon TV: An Interview with Bitte Andersson

Grassroots media in Europe
LGBT and queer issues
Queer feminism
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Jenny: Can you introduce yourself?

Bitte Andersson
Jenny Gunnarsson Payne

Hardqueer (Blog)



Ett intersektionellt icke-nätverk med rosa drömmar och hårda nävar. (An intersectional non-network with pink dreams and hard fists.)


Zines: Scrambled documents for a choatic age?

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Everyone at Camp GF (Grassroots Feminism) is extremely busy at the moment, reading, writing, thinking, and ferreting for precious examples of grassroots media in Europe, so first of all, please forgive us for falling behind in blog entries.

We wanna share with you some of the places we've been and what we've been up to and how we think about contemporary feminist media. First up is the ZineFest! Red organized at the Women's Library in London at the beginning of the year.


Grrrl Fest Berlin: July 3-5, 2009

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Grrrl Fest Berlin in den Räumen des Subversiv e.V und der Scherer 8

Freitag, 3.Juli 2009
in den Räumen der SCHERER 8 (Schererstr. 8 / U & S Wedding)

Einlass: 19:30 Uhr

# Film: Itty Bitty Titty Committee (87min.)
# Konzert: Ex Best Friends (Postpunkheldinnen/Bln.), Totally Stressed (Art Rock/Bln.) & Respect My Fist (NRW-ScreamOh!/Bln.)
# Aftershowparty

Zines Zines Zines!
there’s gonna be one or more zine distros all over grrrl fest berlin 09, too, as well as a zine library that needs YOU!

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Girls and young women
Networking & community building