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November 2008


Fair Use Info


Grassroots Feminism subscribes (like The Queer Zine Archive Project to the belief that what we do as archivists constitutes "Fair Use" under the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107:


Contact us

Elke Zobl:
elke [dot] zoblatsbg [dot] ac [dot] at
University of Salzburg, Austria
Department of Communication
Tel: +43 662 8044 2372

Roswitha Gabriel:
roswitha [dot] gabrielatsbg [dot] ac [dot] at
University of Salzburg, Austria


Our Projects

We are involved in a range of projects - from research projects to activist, to archivist projects, books and outreach activities:


Young women as creators of new cultural spaces
funded by the Austrian Science Fund, Hertha-Firnberg-Projekt
Dr. Elke Zobl
University of Salzburg, Department of Communication, AUSTRIA

Feminist Media Production in Europe
Stand-alone-project funded by the Austrian Science Fund
1.12.2008 - 31.4.2011
Project coordinator: Dr. Elke Zobl (Austria)


About this project

Grassroots Feminism: Building a transnational community towards participatory culture and civic engagement

The preconception of youth, and in particular of girls and young women, as culturally unproductive and as passive consumers of mass culture and media is still very much ingrained today. However, girls and young women are capable cultural producers who create a wide variety of their own films, music, media, and festivals. To gain insight into and to document the cultural spaces girls and young women create and the meaning they have, it is vital to look closely at their own cultural spaces - and not only at media produced for them (which is done more frequently).