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Work and employment


Aus Liebe zur Freiheit - Antje Schrupp (Blog)


Frankfurt am Main
50° 6' 41.202" N, 8° 40' 50.214" E

Blog of the German journalist Antje Schrupp dealing with feminist issues, feminist theories, feminist news. Emphasis on feminism(s), books, equality, religion, politics etc. On her website she also publishes articles, lectures etc.

Ich bin Journalistin und Politikwissenschaftlerin und lebe in Frankfurt am Main. In diesem Blog sammle ich Notizen, Kommentare und Hinweise, die mir im Alltag so über den Weg laufen.


Punto G 2011: Genere e Globalizzazione - 24th to 26th June 2011, Genoa, Italy

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The reasons for a new edition of Punto G, ten years after in Genoa, June 2011
Ten years ago, on June 2001, in Genoa at San Giorgio Palace, the women network (who at that time joined the World March of Women) started the agenda of political events and rallies of Genoa Social Forum with an international meeting titled Punto G: gender and globalization – For an equal, democratic, fair, supporting and peaceful society of women and men, that ended with a demonstration in the centre of the city.

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Alternative economies
Global affairs & transnationalism
Migration & border issues
Religion and beliefs
Work and employment

Side Glance: Melanie Niethammer im Gespräch mit Rosa Reitsamer über ihre Motivationen ein Blog zum Thema Feminismus und Technik zu betreiben.

Internet & digital divide
Work and employment
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Melanie, kannst du dich bitte kurz vorstellen?

Melanie Niethammer
Rosa Reitsamer

Battleaxe: The New Labour Movement Paper for Women (1986-?)


United Kingdom
51° 30' 0.5472" N, 0° 7' 34.4496" W

"We are a group of women in the Labour Movement fighting for Womens Liberation and Socialism. We see the two as inseparable. Women are not going to be liberated by an act of parliament, although this does not mean we do not fight to elect a Labour government committed to equal rights for women. But we do not think this is the way women will have true liberation, nor do we believe that the working class is white, heterosexual and male.

We cannot expect male members of parliament nor for that matter male revolutionaries to give us liberation.


HarpyMarx (Blog)


United Kingdom

Harpy Marx is the alter-ego of Louise Whittle. Socialist feminist. Photographer. Politico. Depressive in a kinda cheery way. Who believes it is her duty to experiment. Rock ‘n roll comrades!

Member of the LP, LRC and Labour Briefing. Anti-war and anti-imperialist. Prefers cats to dogs, likes strawberry ice cream and staring blankly at ‘puter screens….and watching too much telly.


Leeds Animation Workshop


United Kingdom
53° 47' 58.6932" N, 1° 32' 56.796" W

Leeds Animation Workshop is a not-for-profit, cooperative company, which produces and distributes animated films and films on social and educational issues.

The organisation began in 1976 as a group of women friends who came together to make a film about the need for pre-school childcare. After completing WHO NEEDS NURSERIES? - WE DO! the group was formally established in 1978 as Leeds Animation Workshop. Since the mid-1980's the Workshop has been run by five women, who between them carry out all stages of the production process, from initial research to final distribution.

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