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Title Topicsort icon Post date People Type of project Type
SROM - Separatystyczne Rewolucyjne Oddziały Maciczne ("Separatist Revolutionary Uterine Troops") (Blog, 2010) Activism 2013 SROM Digital Archives
Svobodna - свободна (Blog & zine) Activism 2013 collective Digital Archives
Lysistrata's Path - Путь Лисистраты (E-Zine) Activism 2013 main editor: leonatus Digital Archives
NEWW - Network of East-West Women / NEWW Polska (Network, E-Zine) Activism 2013 NEWW-Polska Digital Archives
Woman Plus.../Женщина Плюс… (Magazine, 1994 - 2004) Activism 2013 East-West: ZiHP Digital Archives
Žene protiv rata (Magazine, 1994-1995) + Žene za mir (Compilations, 1993-2002 + 2012) Activism 2013 Žene u crnom ("Women in Black") Digital Archives
SlutWalks: Books, Articles and Videos Activism 2015 Resources
Liberazione Gener-ale - Tavola rotonda sulle correlazioni tra antispecismo, antisessismo, intersessualità, omotransfobia Activism 2013 Event Project
Race Revolt (zine) Activism 2013 editor: Humaira Saeed Digital Archives
Womens Erotic Art Activism 2013 British Women Artists Digital Archives
WAM! It Yourself (13 - 24 March 2013, USA/Canada) Activism 2013 WAM! Women, Action, & the Media: WAM! connects and supports media makers, activists, academics and funders working to advance women’s media participation, ownership and representation. Our work is part of an advocacy movement for gender justice in media. Festival Project
Žibutė (Online-TV) Activism 2013 collective Digital Archives
Frauenzimmer (Radio) Activism 2013 at the moment three editors: sisterresist, Sabaha Sinanovic, Teresa Lugstein Digital Archives
genderfrequenz - sozialpolitisch, feministisch, unbeugsam! (Radio) Activism 2013 collective Digital Archives
CfP: CAA 102nd Annual Conference (Chicago, IL / Feb 12-15, 2014 / submission deadline: May 6, 2013) Activism 2013 CAA - College Art Association Resources
Ladyfest Philadelphia 2013 (June 7-9, 2013) Activism 2013 Digital Archives
CALL: Invitation for Participation – D.I.Y. (queer-)feminist festival (Vienna, June 6-9, 2013) Activism 2013 Resources
Globale Dialoge (Radio) Activism 2013 Women on Air Digital Archives
Join the International Feminist Network! Activism 2013 Réseau international féministe – International Feminist Network – Red Internacional Feminista – الشبكة النسوية العالمية Project (Podcast-Radio) Activism 2013 Jeanna Kroemer (project coordinator), Natallia Paulovich (site editor), Galina Vasilevskaya (editor and author), Veronica Veskovi (author), Alessia Byvalkevich (columnist and author), Anna Shivrina (translator and author), Maria 'bbgon' Shtal (translator and author) Yauheni Ioksha (website admin) Digital Archives
Mujer Palabra (E-zine) Activism 2013 collective; co-founder/administrator: Michelle Renyé Digital Archives
Pikara (E-zine) Activism 2013 founders: June Fernández, Itziar Abad, Maite Asensio y Lucía Martínez Odriozola Digital Archives
Rete delle Reti Femminili (Network) Activism 2013 Digital Archives
Künstlerische Interventionen // Artistic Interventions (Salzburg, Oct - Dec 2013) Activism 2013 Elke Zobl, Rosa Reitsamer Comics Project
Grassroots feminist show VIOLET: Disability and art in Eastern Europe Activism 2013 Lina Žigelytė Digital Archives
Queer comic zine "Ethical Sloth" looking for submissions Activism 2014 Your ethical sloths, Dana "Dossie" Moustache & Yori "Janet" Gagarim Comics Project
INQUEERSECTIONS - Exploring queer activism across different contexts (14-16 February 2014, Utrecht, NL) Activism 2014 collective Digital Archives
Artistic Interventions II: “Artistic Interventions and Education as Critical Practice” (Salzburg, April 4th and 5th, 2014) Activism 2014 Programmbereich Contemporary Arts & Cultural Production Schwerpunkt Wissenschaft & Kunst Workshop Project
LiberAzione Gener-ale 2 Activism 2014 Event Project
call for papers: Digital Feminisms: Transnational Activism in German Protest Cultures Activism 2014 Project
A SlutWalk Comic Activism 2016 Research by Dr Red Chidgey. Artwork by Jay Bernard. Digital Archives
Make/Shift Magazine Alternative economies 2009 Jessica Hoffmann and Daria Yudacufski (editors and founders) Project
“There’s no need to be afraid of technology”: An Interview with Gabrijela Ivanov from, Croatia Alternative economies 2009 Interview
Wir Frauen (Magazine) Alternative economies 2009 Digital Archives
Red Dawns Festival 2011: Call for Proposals Alternative economies 2010 Project
Marea (magazine) Alternative economies 2011 Associazione MAREA; editor in chief: Monica Lanfranco Digital Archives
Punto G 2011: Genere e Globalizzazione - 24th to 26th June 2011, Genoa, Italy Alternative economies 2011 Monica Lanfranco, Laura Guidetti (Rivista/Associazione MAREA) Project
femeko - Feministyczna Ekonomia (Blog) Alternative economies 2011 Zofia Łapniewska Digital Archives
Net znachit Net - НЕТ — ЗНАЧИТ НЕТ (Magazine) Alternative economies 2012 collective initiated by: КРИ - in collaboration with activists from: Moscow Feminist Group, Feministki LJ-community, Vpered ( Digital Archives
Přímá cesta (zine, 2001-2006) Alternative economies 2012 Anarchofeministická skupina (Anarcho-feminist group) Digital Archives
Svobodna - свободна (Blog & zine) Alternative economies 2013 collective Digital Archives
Mujer Palabra (E-zine) Alternative economies 2013 collective; co-founder/administrator: Michelle Renyé Digital Archives
Tanzania Gender Festival (Dar es Salaam, September 3rd - 6th 2013) Alternative economies 2013 TGNP - Tanzania Gender Network Programme Festival Project
Emancypunx Records (distro, network, record label, zine archive, etc.) anarcha-feminism 2012 Emancypunx group Digital Archives
Noc Walpurgii 2012 Berlin anarcha-feminism 2012 Emancypunx Records, Refuse, Feminismus Oi! Digital Archives
Anguane - Collettivo AnarcoQueer EcoVegFemminista anarcoqueer 2012 Collettivo Anguane E-Zine Project
Anguane - Collettivo AnarcoQueer EcoVegFemminista animalism 2012 Collettivo Anguane E-Zine Project
Outwrite History Project Anti-Imperialism 2009 Outwrite: UK-based collective (1982-1988) Research Group: FAF History Group Project
Make/Shift Magazine Anti-Imperialism 2009 Jessica Hoffmann and Daria Yudacufski (editors and founders) Project
Outwrite (Newspaper, 1982-1988) Anti-Imperialism 2009 Digital Archives