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Title Topicsort icon Post date People Type of project Type
Somewhat strident but who cares (Stickers, facebook-group) Activism 2011 collective; founded by Kirstin Smith Digital Archives
Collectif Debout ! (blog) Activism 2011 Collectif Debout ! Digital Archives
Diversitat en Igualtat (Blog) Activism 2011 Rakel Digital Archives
andaina! - Revista Galega de Pensamento Feminista (Magazine, Blog) Activism 2011 editorial team founding editor: Ana Arellano Digital Archives
Feminist Blog Camp (Turin, 28-30 October 2011) Activism 2011 Workshop Project
Feminist Blog Camp (Turin, 28-30 October 2011) Activism 2011 Digital Archives
Panteras Rosa (blog) + a bichana (zine) Activism 2011 Panteras Rosa - Frente de Combate à LesBiGayTransfobia Digital Archives
FEL feminisme (Blog) Activism 2011 FEL feminisme Digital Archives
feminisite (E-zine) Activism 2011 Feminist Kadın Çevresi (FKÇ), Istanbul Digital Archives
Feminist Yaklaşımlar (E-zine) Activism 2011 Boğaziçi Gösteri Sanatları Org. Eğitim ve Yay. Hiz. Ltd. Şti. Editorial board managing editor: Özlem Aslan Digital Archives
FEMEN пришла, разделась, победила (she came, undressed and won) (Blog) Activism 2011 FEMEN activist group founder: Anna Hutsol Digital Archives
Za feminizm - За феминизм (Pro feminism) (Blog) Activism 2011 Za Feminizm - Pro feminism group Digital Archives
Osez le féminisme! (Newspaper) Activism 2011 Osez le féminisme! network Digital Archives
O Feminismo está a passar por aqui… (Blog) Activism 2011 colectivo feminista Digital Archives
Mi feminismo y otras alteridades (Blog) Activism 2011 Gaelia Digital Archives
George - la revue de celles qui dépassent les bornes (Magazine) Activism 2012 L'association Woming (Lausanne); Virginie Thurre (chief editor) Digital Archives
Net znachit Net - НЕТ — ЗНАЧИТ НЕТ (Magazine) Activism 2012 collective initiated by: КРИ - in collaboration with activists from: Moscow Feminist Group, Feministki LJ-community, Vpered ( Digital Archives
Les Poupées en Pantalon (Magazine) Activism 2012 Les poupées en pantalon Digital Archives
Femminismo a Sud (Blog) Activism 2012 collective Digital Archives
Lilith, Martine et les Autres (Radio) Activism 2012 Radiolilith collective Digital Archives
Têtes hautes et Regards droits! (Blog) Activism 2012 collective Digital Archives
Le Ribellule (blog) Activism 2012 Le Ribellule collective Digital Archives
Libere Tutte (Florence, blog) Activism 2012 Libere Tutte Digital Archives
MFLA - Martedì autogestito da femministe e lesbiche (Radio) Activism 2012 MFLA collective Digital Archives
Mujeres Libres Bologna (blog) Activism 2012 Mujeres Libres Bologna Digital Archives
CFP: Sound Gender Feminism Activism (London, 17 May 12) Activism 2012 London College of Communication, University of the Arts London Resources
Zeltstadt der Frauen (May 12, 2012, Vienna) Activism 2012 Plattform 20000frauen Workshop Project
SFRIOT a night of MUSIC and self publishing ART to support our Local Women run Women's Clinic! Activism 2012 Crafts Project
i heart digital life (Blog) Activism 2012 Kathrin Ganz Digital Archives
Nrrrdz (Podcast) Activism 2012 maj and ihdl Digital Archives
Lezbično-feministična univerza (LFU) (Blog) Activism 2012 Lezbično-feministična univerza - LFU Digital Archives
Ptqk_blogzine Activism 2012 Maria Ptqk Digital Archives
Konsola (E-Zine) Activism 2012 Stowarzyszenie Kobiet Konsola (Women's Association Konsola), Poznan [founded in 1999 by Izabela Kowalczyk, Marta Maciejewska, Justyna Magdziarz, Klaudia Snochowska-Gonzales, Katarzyna Spychalska] Digital Archives
Labris (Newspaper + E-Zine) Activism 2012 Labris organizacija za lezbejska ljudska prava Digital Archives
LES Online (Onlinejournal) Activism 2012 editorial team with an academic background: Eduarda Ferreira, Maria João Silva, Isabel Bento Digital Archives
Killed By Beauty (zine, 2001 - ???) Activism 2012 collective; editor in chief: Feliziah Alexandersson Digital Archives
Gender Fuck Fest Activism 2012 GenderFuck team, comprises of activists around former zines as Bloody Mary, Femidom, Houpacka and other feminist and anti-authoritarian collectives Crafts Project
DIE VIELEN ARCHIVE!, 22.9.2012, 20h, VBKOE Activism 2012 Conference Project
CITY OF WOMEN: 18th International Festival of Contemporary Arts (4 - 13 Oct 2012, Ljubljana/Slovenia) Activism 2012 City of Women – Association for the promotion of women in culture Artistic Director: Mara Vujić Digital Archives
THE BRING IN TAKE OUT LIVING ARCHIVE - VBKOE EDITION ( 7-21 October, Vienna) Activism 2012 vbkoe Event Project
Medusa zine + (zine + website) Activism 2012 Projekt L Digital Archives
Anguane - Collettivo AnarcoQueer EcoVegFemminista Activism 2012 Collettivo Anguane E-Zine Project
Antifee 2007: Feiern gegen Sexismus und Nationalismus - für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben Activism 2012 Antifee collective Digital Archives
Antifee 2009: Festival gegen Sexismus und Nationalismus - Feiern für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben Activism 2012 Antifee collective Digital Archives
Antifee 2010: Festival gegen Sexismus und Nationalismus - Feiern für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben Activism 2012 Antifee collective Digital Archives
Antifee 2012: Festival für feministische Gesellschaftskritik Activism 2012 Antifee collective Digital Archives
Strickistinnen - guerilla knitting Vienna Activism 2012 collective Project
Přímá cesta (zine, 2001-2006) Activism 2012 Anarchofeministická skupina (Anarcho-feminist group) Digital Archives
Siréna (2001-2002) Activism 2012 Anarchofeministická skupina (Anarcho-feminist group) Digital Archives
Ravnopravka - Moscow Feminist Group (Blog) Activism 2013 Moscow feminist group Digital Archives