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n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal – Volume 27: Women’s Work

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Did you know n.paradoxa, the only international feminist art journal dedicated to contemporary women artists and feminist theory around the world, has now reached its 14th year of publication?

n = noun , para = beyond, doxa = taught or accepted opinion.

In 14 years n.paradoxa has published over 250 articles and interviews on the work of contemporary women artists in more than 50 countries in the world!
Contents are listed in Art Bibliographies Modern; Art Index; and Wisconsin-Madison University Library Feminist Periodicals. A comprehensive index to Volumes 1-27 is now available at
This lists all authors, artists, and works covered in the last 14 years.

Each printed journal is structured around a particular theme with international contributions from 10 –12 countries. In addition to articles, interviews and features, n.paradoxa reviews websites by women artists and books on feminist theory and feminist art.

Editor: Katy Deepwell
Editorial Board Renee Baert (Canada); Joanna Frueh (USA); Hagiwara Hiroko (Japan); Janis Jefferies (UK); Hilary Robinson (USA); Olabisi Silva (Nigeria/UK).

n.paradoxa was established online in December 1996 went into print as a bi-annual in January 1998.
n.paradoxa is published in print twice a year in January and July.
The online and print editions publish separate content, different material and have separate ISSNs.

Volume 27
*Gabrielle Moser “Working-through” public and private labour Sophie Calle’s Prenez soin de vous
*Andrea Liss Memory Work, Trauma and the Maternal
*Ewa Malgorzata Tatar Interrogating “postfeminism”: Women artists from Poland
*Meredith A. Brown The Balance Sheet: A.I.R. Gallery and Government Funding
*Reiko Kokatsu Mitsuko Tabe: Beyond Kyûshû-ha
*Patricia Karetzky Gao Yuan’s “Precious Little Angel”
*Kanitra Fletcher Up for Review: Re-presentations of Black Women’s (Art)work
*Heike Friauf On the ‘grotesque working conditions’ of women artists
*Amy Budd Reinterpreting the Mannequin: Allen Jones, Cathy Wilkes and Morag Keil
*Christine Wertheim Craft-Work: A sampler of musings on art and labor in the Information Age or how to make alterations in global financial fabrics
*Katy Deepwell ‘The relationship between big and small things’
Interview with Tsaplya and Gluklya, Factory of Found Clothes

ISSN: 1461-0434
Each volume: 96 pp. 40+ b & w illus., 8 colour pages
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Future planned volumes
Volume 28 Bio-politics (July 2011)
Volume 29 Trans-Asia (Jan 2012)


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