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Global Sister Networking Site

Teaser Image:, a project of The Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI), is a global communications network and unique online social networking space, enabling women and organizations to advance issues from a local platform to a global stage. is…

- A virtual “women’s center” for women and women’s organizations to meet, organize, discuss, coordinate, and mobilize.
- An online learning and communications environment for women’s organizations to share and teach social organizing tools and techniques without boundaries of time, space, and location.
- A means for ongoing, daily collaboration, communication and community-building that is critical to sustaining the global Women’s Movement.

The Global Women’s Movement: Anytime, Anywhere creates space for an “always on” global Women’s Movement. Harnessing the power of online social networking and communications technology currently available, serves as an online, virtual launching point, empowering women’s groups and organizations to contribute to and participate in the global Women’s Movement anytime, from anywhere.

Modeled on traditional Online Social Networks (OSNs), provides real-time, unlimited access to women and women’s groups around the world, regardless of geographical limitations. offers both an opportunity for sustained cross-organizational communication and issue-based coalition-building, and a vehicle for social organizing that is relatively safe from the restrictions or sanctions of local governments. About The Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI)

Founded in 1984 by Robin Morgan (USA), the late Simone de Beauvoir (France) and women from 80 other countries, and spun off from the now-classic book, Sisterhood Is Global: The International Women's Movement Anthology, SIGI has played a leading role in the international Women’s Movement for a quarter century. It has pioneered both policy and strategy, and developed new fronts for activism. SIGI is guided by a distinguished board of directors including Donna Deitch, Jodie Evans, Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, Ninotchka Rosca, and Gloria Steinem, as well as an expert board of international advisors.

The Sisterhood is Global Institute


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