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Women's Research and Resources Centre Newsletter (1975-?)


"Set up in '75 to inform members of publications, meetings, and research. Bi-monthly n/l, circulation 1,000. Distributed by subs to men as well. Costs: ₤100 for one issue, self financing. 2 women work on the paper part time, and the collective is open to all women subscribers. The collective is unpaid, but only the paid workers do the N/L. The n/l is for all those interested in feminist research, and informs people of research, publications, and puts researchers in touch with each other. Editorial policy: so long as its feminist and relevant, they will print it, and they occassionally accept entries from men e.g. relevant book review.

- Information from the "Directory of Women's Liberation Newletters, Magazines, Journals...", by Dena and Shaila (York, UK), c.1978


United Kingdom
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Gender studies
Grassroots media in Europe
Women's Liberation Movement