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Women's Studies Newsletter (1977-?)


"Set up in April '77, when it was made clear that there was demand to know more about women's studies, work in progress, ideas for the future. Circulation: 1,000-1,250. Distribution: subs, sold at few bookshops, through the Worker's Educational Association, meetings, etc. Available to men. Costs: ₤80 for an average issue. Not self-financing- get a grant from the EOC, donations, subs etc. Only 2 women do most of the production of the n/l, and it takes about 240 hours approx. for one issue. One full time unpaid worker, but they are trying to negotiate for payment. N/L aimed at women (and men) inside and outside the WEA. To get more attention for women's issues in WEA, and exchange ideas and info about women's studies. Intended to be fairly low key but feminist, to get women who don't normally read feminist n/ls. Most material comes from subscribers and other interested individuals. Editorial policy: Won't accept material that contravenes the 7 Demands, no obscure and over-academic lanaguage, favour simply written material. Accept entries from men, so long as they don't become a majority of those contributing."

- Information from the "Directory of Women's Liberation Newletters, Magazines, Journals...", by Dena and Shaila (York, UK), c.1978.


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Gender studies
Grassroots media in Europe