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Women and Education Newsletter (1973-?)


"Set up in '73 to meet the need for co-ordination among interested women. Appears 3 times a year; circulation 850 (last issue). Distribution: subs, bookshops, through PDC, sold at conferences. Self-financing. 5-7 women work on the paper, and the collective is open to new members. Aimed at: teachers, students, those interested in education, and the n/l provides topics for discussion etc. Invite contributions but want more...Editorial policy: materials must be relevant to education and anti/sexist. It is the newsletter of one of the Demands of WLM."

- Information from the "Directory of Women's Liberation Newletters, Magazines, Journals...", by Dena and Shaila (York, UK), c.1978


United Kingdom
53° 28' 50.5668" N, 2° 14' 3.7572" W
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Grassroots media in Europe
Women's Liberation Movement