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"First issue June '76, set up by Belfast Socialist Women's Group, is now produced by Belfast Women's Collective. Appears every two months, has a circulation of 750-1,000. Sold through bookshops, door to door sales, factory gate sales, political meetings, and sent to England, Scotland, France. Costs: ₤55 per issue approx. Self financing, plus occassional fund raising. All women in Belfast Women's Coll. work on W.A., and the collective is open to those who agree with the general policies. W.A. is mainly for women in Belfast, and speaks to a wider audience than the collective can, about women's oppression. Content: mostly by women in the collective, and articles are invited from other groups, and some material is reprinted and they try and rewrite it in an Irish context. Articles etc. are discussed within the collective (meets weekly), and they do not print articles that they do not agree with, tho' they will if the differenes are minor. No entries from men, tho' they may use cartoons done by men. Perspective: broadly socialist. There is no WLM as such in Ireland, but there are several groups in the North and South that the collective is in contact with."
- Information from the "Directory of Women's Liberation Newletters, Magazines, Journals...", by Dena and Shaila (York, UK), c.1978


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Grassroots media in Europe
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