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Feminoteka (E-Zine)


A feminist news-service and bookstore based in Warsaw, Poland.

By sessions, as a feminist news service, and a feminist bookstore, founded in 2001 as an initiative completely independent, not subject to any organizations or institutions, but cooperating with many of them.

From October 10, 2005 by sessions was transformed into a Foundation and was inducted into the National Court Register KRS No 0000242885 pd


1) action to eliminate discrimination based on sex in literature, culture, art and public life,
2) encourage and promote women's issues, gender issues, feminism,
3) promoting authors and writers, publications, publications devoted to the wider problems of women,
4) to promote the equality of women and men,
5) violence against women,
6) against discrimination based on sex,
7) promoting women's participation in public life and culture,
8) removing barriers related to access to knowledge about new technologies
9) dissemination of knowledge about new technologies among women.

Feminoteka is Achieving its goals through the following programs:

Information program
- Running daily Internet information service containing information about the most important events and activities concerning equality of women and men, discrimination based on sex or sexual orientation or religion; organizing different activities and meetings;
- Preparing newsletters and sending it to subscribers;
- Promoting and taking over the bridge matronage interesting, in our opinion, and events related to equality issues.

Program of equality on the Labor market
- Feminoteka Foundation is a partner in Gender Index project, realized in the framework of the EU EQUAL initiative. Within the project, by sessions is responsible for an awareness-rising campaign, workshops for employers and regional debates devoted to the issue of equality of women and men on the labor market.

Training program
Feminoteka is organizing workshops on the following issues:
- Gender
- Equality
- WenDo - combating violence against women
- Establishing and running NGO
- Co-operation of NGOs with local authorities

Cultural progamme
- Organizing meetings with authors, as well as devoted to books and / or authors;
- Writing books rewievs
- Running the Internet bookstore, established to promote information about authors, books, magazines, etc.., Understood broadly connected with women's issues. All the income from the bookstore is supporting realization of the aims of Feminoteka Foundation.

By sessions:
Co-organized Mia100 Women's Women's Festival in 2001 and 2002;
Supported following women's groups, NGOs, women's and equality initiatives in creating their websites:
- Action Acacia (Acacia Action)
- Silesian Zone Gender (Gender Silesian Zone)
- Agreement of Women 8 March (8 March Women's Alliance)
- Astra Network
- Foundation Rodzić humanly
- Supernova
- WenDo
- Social Tiszert Campaign for Freedom (T-shirt for Freedom Campaign)
- Association of Leaders of Local Civic Groups (Local Citizen Gropus Leaders Association)
Organized a meeting devoted to Sarah Waters and her books in club Le Madame (2005).

Feminoteka matronage took over the following books / CDs and publications:
-"Funeral" by Tomasz Bialkowski (issued by the Association of Art and Culture "Portrait")
-"Lesbians in the life of the socio-polityczym" (issued by the Foundation Lorga)
-"The female eunuch" Germaine Greer (issued by Rebis)
-"Brushed Velvet" Sarah Waters (issued by Proszynski i S-ka),
-"Coming out. Disclosure of psychosexual orientation" by Agata Engel-Bernatowicz, Aleksandra Kaminska (issued by Anka Zet Studio).
-"Sukisukom," a CD by a feminist hip-hop group Duldung
-Feminist calendar for 2006

Feminoteka supports / supported:
- Diversity and competition organized by Motorola, aiming at increasing and the number of women software engineers working in Motorola's software centers around the world (2005-2006);
-Family bounds "initiative, and part of 16 Days against VAW (2005);
-Virtual game "Contraception", prepared by informal group "Grzenda" (2005);
-"Cause this bitch Provoked me "action devoted to combating sexual violence against women, designed by the feminist fraction of twożywo Group, which was a part of 16 Days against VAW (2005);

Other activities:
-Feminoteka has issued feminist postcards designed by twożywo Group and it's Collaborators: Anna Pochmara, Kasia Pivko and Magda Gryszko.


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