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Transnational Feminisms Conference, 4-5 December 2009, UK


Drawing on the impact of postcolonial feminism and its enactments, this conference will examine how women are affected by political systems in a global climate, how feminism translates and moves across borders, and how feminism can be utilised as a methodology for understanding the transnational context.
Here the transnational is understood to be a complication of notions of the 'elsewhere', highlighting the challenges of fluidity, movement and instability whilst also paying close attention to locatedness. This is a feminism that is engaged with the woman-as-subject without making universalising claims regarding women's experience; it both considers how gender operates and critiques categorisation.

The aim of the conference is to share research on transnational feminisms between students, academics, artists and activists and to promote discussion on these themes and on future strategies/ research. An important element of the conference is that it involves participants and as such there will be workshops, a history walk and ample opportunity for debate.

Keynote Speakers

Anne Marie Fortier (Lancaster University)

Gabriele Griffin (University of York)

Amrit Wilson (Royal Holloway)


Exhibitions (Outwrite magazine, more tbc)

Film screenings (Sarah Diehl, Ursula Biemann)

History Walk (specially produced by Dominique Tessier)

Performances (Yalini Dream, more tbc)

Workshops (Women Asylum Seekers Together, Yalini Dream)


United Kingdom
53° 28' 50.5668" N, 2° 14' 3.7572" W
Type of project: 
Global affairs & transnationalism
Date of project: 
12/04/2009 - 12/06/2009