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MigraZine- online magazine by and for migrant women


Verein MAIZ is a self-organisation by and for migrant women. Through our work we attempt to create space for migrant women to articulate themselves as protagonists. „MigraZine“ is a project for an online magazine by and for migrant women and as such, is intended to contribute to the participation of migrant women. The motivations for this project are manifold:

* We refuse to be perceived solely in the role of victim or as offender. We are producers who can and want to speak for ourselves.
* Migrant women’s access to print and online media is limited and one-sided. The intention of the project is to provide the possibility to decide throughout the whole process - starting from the idea to its form and its design.
* Furthermore, with regards to their participation in the media, migrant women are confronted with a lack of technical knowledge, a scarcity of resources and insufficient knowledge of German and English, the dominant languages.
* An online magazine, the medium of choice for this task, is, among other things due to the low costs involved.
* This project will be carried out for a limited period of time. However, we understand it as a first step with leaving the option open to further develop it.
* A feminist and at the same time an anti-racist publication.

This online magazine is a public space for contributions from migrant women and about the migration of women as well as culture.

There will be a section solely dedicated to addressing the area of tension between migration and cultural work theoretical reflection as well as the provision of essential information such as: samples of project proposals, concepts, formal accounting procedures, grants and subsidies, grant providers etc. It is meant to create a forum in which there is place for reflecting on our experiences as migrant women in the cultural field, for new ideas and for an exchange on projects that have already been realised.

There will also be space made for information concerning residency, work and health.

The articles and informative contributions will be written and published in their respective mother tongues while some of the texts will also be translated to German.

This project has been provided with financial support from the Department of Culture in Linz - Kulturamt Linz


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Affiliated organisation: 
Maiz (Autonomes Integrationszentrum von & für Migrantinnen in Linz),
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German, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Turkish, Bosanian
Grassroots media in Europe
Migration & border issues