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Slutwalk Toronto 2012


25th May 2012

The prevalence of this attitude in our culture at large drew many to this cause to end blaming victims of sexual violence, and judging peoples’ worth by their bodies and what they do with them. In the last year, this fight has spread to over 200 cities around the world, where independent organizers have organized locally-driven SlutWalks and SlutWalk-inspired events. SlutWalk started, and is still going, because we and so many others around the world have had enough.

We demand our bodies and all bodies be respected. Our worth as human beings is not determined by our sexuality.

No matter what I wear
No matter what I look like
No matter what my gender expression is
No matter how much, how little or what kind of sex I have

No matter what I’ve done before
No matter where I come from
No matter how my body has been ‘devalued’ by others
No matter what I’ve been called


We invite you to join us on Friday May 25, 2012, as we take up space and fight for our right to live free of violence, victim-blaming and sex-shaming. We invite people of all gender expressions and orientations, all walks of life, levels of employment and education, all races, ages, abilities, and backgrounds, from all points of this city and elsewhere to come as you are, dressed as you feel comfortable.


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Post fom SWTO Facebook: Update on SlutWalk Toronto 2013 March 19 February 2013 at 08:44 We understand that many people are eager for the next march, and we sincerely appreciate the interest and support. At this time we will not be hosting another large march in the Spring of 2013 because we are working on building up our capacity. As a small team of unpaid volunteers who are employed full-time at other jobs and have a lot of other commitments on our plates, we are recognizing and honouring our own personal limitations. While we're building up our core team of organizers and volunteer support network, we will continue to host smaller events, such as a screening in April of The Invisible War documentary, and another Humourless Feminists Comedy Night in the weeks following that. Through these events and other projects, we will continue to have a presense in Toronto, and hope to be in a better position to host a march later this year. These past two years have been amazing, exhausting, invigorating, heart-breaking and galvanizing and we are not going any where! We are working on getting better and stronger, just as our communities have been. All of your care and support have been a boon to us in challenging times, and we are paying that forward and using your suggestions and criticisms to make the changes to ourselves and our communities that we all need to see. Thanks again for your patience and support and we'll keep you up to date with news when it comes down the pipe. *ADDED: If you have a passion for anti-oppressive social justice activism, feminism and collaboration, and an interest in helping SlutWalk Toronto continue to evolve and support Toronto communities, AND some time to be a part of an organizing team, please get in contact with us: