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Gaia (Magazine, 2006-2009)


Gaia was an Albanian magazine published from 2006 until 2009 (9 issues) by the GADC - Gender Alliance for Development Center in Tirana. Emphasis on women's rights, gender equality, gender mainstreaming, violence, but also poetry, arts etc.

This publication is an initiative of GADC, started in 2006 and spurred by the continued efforts of the GADC to ensure space for displaying different standpoints on gender. The name of the magazine “GAIA” is that of the live planet where all creatures are one and multiple, different and equal, part of the world and the world itself. GAIA magazine is the first and the only publication of this kind in Albania. The strong positive feedback that the center continuously receives about this publication has made GAIA one of the most valuable products of GADC.

The magazine offers the opportunity to contribute to public debates on the importance of addressing gender issues, on the importance of treating women rights as human rights, etc. GAIA is also an excellent as opportunity for different scholars and academics to express their perspectives on gender related problematic. GAIA focuses continuously on questions and dilemmas that are constantly chewed in our minds.

The magazine displays articles written by different well-known Albanian authors (mainly) as well as other authors known in the region and the world, all of them writing about political, economic, and social issues, seen from a gender perspective. The magazine is composed of several rubrics, which include dossiers, interviews, themes, chronicles, profiles, traditions, if I were a boy…, and paintings. During the years 2006 - 2009, there have been prepared, published and distributed nine numbers of this magazine It has been distributed to different government and non-government institutions, the printed and broadcast media, local NGOs, universities, schools, public administration institutions, etc.


Names of Producers/organizers/editors/creators: 
Qendra Aleanca Gjinore per Zhvillim - GADC - Gender Alliance for Development Center
Timerange, Issue-nr, ...: 
2006 - 2009 (9 issues)
Language of project: 
Gender studies
Grassroots media in Europe
Human rights
Political participation